Taking tube further

Top Tubes mission right from its establishment in 1994 was to be more than just a steel tube producer. Since 1994 we’ve invested heavily in new technology and machinery to fully develop and add to our capabilities.

Now, with a greater range of capabilities than any other UK steel tube producer, we can make the prospect of finite costings a reality. Many customers find that extending their primary requirement to include one or more of our supplementary services can result in savings in man-hours and wastage and also free up their in-house production facilities.

Our range of capabilities spans the entire production cycle of steel tube and tubular components, from coil slitting, through welded tube manufacture, cutting to length, tube manipulation, laser tube processing and tube slotting through to fabrication.

Taking tube further diagram

Top Tubes' range of capabilities is totally unique in the UK steel tube industry. No other single UK steel tube producer can do so much with tube.

We’re constantly developing our capabilities and our service – we realise that our continued success relies on maintaining and improving the comprehensive nature of our services, maintaining short lead times and offering greater efficiencies, savings and satisfaction to our customers.

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