• Up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of galvanised tube
  • High strength steel
  • Greatly extended product life
  • Edge protection
  • Total exterior and interior protection
  • Unique MagnaFusion™ weld repair
  • Environmental sustainability

MagnaTube® is Top Tubes’ newly developed high- endurance tube, combining extraordinary levels of corrosion resistance with the durability of high strength steel. MagnaTube® offers up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of galvanised tube thanks to its revolutionary zinc, aluminium and magnesium coating.

MagnaTube® is designed not just to survive in the most hostile environments but also to offer extreme longevity. In exhaustive tests carried out by Rotech Laboratories, one of the UK’s leading test houses, MagnaTube® endured the equivalent of 100 years’ exposure to the harshest elements without undue deterioration.

MagnaTube’s remarkable performance is accounted for by the relatively high (3%) proportion of magnesium within the coating, which is responsible for forming an additional highly stable element called Simonkolleite and which, with the other layers, completes a triple level of unrivalled protection both outside and inside the tube. Even the cut edges of the tube are protected by the spreading of this same Simonkolleite layer.

The same outstanding durability extends to our unique MagnaFusion™ weld repair, ensuring total exterior and interior surface protection.

None of these outstanding benefits compromises the processing properties of the tube in any way, in fact manipulation capability is enhanced compared to galvanised tube.

MagnaTube® even protects the environment by reducing the amount of zinc in manufacture compared to galvanised tube and by extending product life.

Tube after 2,000 hours salt spray test. 1: Pre-galvanised and weld-repaired. 2: Hot dipped galvanised. 3: MagnaTube®.

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