Aluminised and perforated tube

Top Tubes Ltd offer exceptionally strong aluminised coated steel tubes for OEM and replacement exhaust manufacturers.

Aluminised tubes are designed to resist high temperature conditions and ideal for applications where heat is involved. Manufacturers of heat exchangers, gas burners and exhaust systems including cat front pipes all use products of this type.

Top Tubes' unique manufacturing process ensures the highest level of weld integrity due to our special “edge prep” technology. Severe manipulation can be achieved without compromise of splitting weld seams or collapsing tube. We deliver exceptional value to our customers by reducing the setting up time when bending and lowering scrap rates.


Pattern Hole Dia Pitch Open area
6011 3.00mm 5.2mm (Staggered Pitch) 23.4%
6027 4.75mm 12.7mm (Square Pitch) 11%
6028 3.25mm 19.0mm (Square Pitch) 2.2%

Bespoke programme / interrupted patterns also available

Size range

Diameter Gauge
34.92mm 1.5mm
38.10mm 1.5mm
41.28mm 1.5mm
44.45mm 1.5mm
47.62mm 1.5mm
50.80mm 1.5mm + 1.6mm
53.98mm 1.5mm + 1.7mm
57.15mm 1.5mm + 1.7mm
60.00mm 1.5mm + 2.0mm
63.50mm 1.5mm
70.00mm 1.5mm
76.20mm 1.5mm

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