Welded tube

Our modern, efficient mills can produce up to twelve tonnes of EN10305/3 & 5 ERW tube per hour, ranging from 10mm to 76.2mm in round and equivalent square, rectangular, oval and customer special sections.

Incorporated into our production lines is our unique edge preparation technology, which, through precise edge profiling and surface treatment, yields a finished tube with superior weld strength and integrity – stronger, in fact, than the steel itself. Furthermore, the same technology is capable of producing tube with a controlled-size, minimal internal weld bead that’s just one fifth the size of a standard internal weld bead (when specified prior to manufacture.)

The two prepared edges of the formed tube are high frequency welded at a constant 900 degrees centigrade followed, if necessary, with internal bead rolling where the small internal weld bead that remains is almost completely eliminated (when specified prior to manufacture.)

ERW tube is available in the varieties listed right.

Fin-cut tube

Fin-cut tube is necessary where the bore cannot have any weld seam obstruction. Instances such as one section of tube fitting snugly inside another or where there is a precision internal fit required. Cold drawn seamless tube offers the same benefits, but at a much greater cost.

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