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Top Tubes’ Metallex division is the market leader in tube slotting, recognised by the shopfitting industry as the leading manufacturer of premium quality slotted steel tube.

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Walk into any major supermarket or clothing store and you will almost certainly see shelving and display equipment which incorporates Metallex materials as an integral part of their construction. And while the retail sector provides a natural showroom for Metallex products our slotted tubes are found in a variety of applications: warehouse storage systems, library shelving, office and computer furniture, screens and partitions as well as architectural metalwork, electrical switch cabinets, fencing and radiators.

A unique benefit that Top Tubes can offer is the combination of tube slotting and laser tube processing. When used in conjunction with one another Top Tubes can provide a customer with semi-finished components – ready-formed, machined and punched – far more economically than if those operations were performed separately. Multi-processing, such as laser processing followed by slotting followed by flow drilling, can be performed economically on virtually any size of order.

Metallex is geared up to the needs of a constantly changing market. We know that designers must have the freedom to specify new configurations, sizes and steel grades. With over 1000 different slotting programs we provide the designer with virtually limitless freedom.

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