Tube manipulation

Top Tubes leads the way forward in tube bending and manipulation, adopting new technologies that revolutionise the future of bending tube.

TopTubes employee measuring
Checking dimensional and bending accuracy.

Using state of the art BLM electric bending machines thatinterlink with BLM tube laser machines allows for a whole new era of tube bending capabilities. Features of this equipment allow for bend programs to be generated, spring back to be automatically measured and corrected, laser programs adjusted to match material stretch – all ensuring parts are correct first time and repeatable every time.

In addition to the world class tube bending machinery adopted we also trust Hexagon metrology as our partnersfor bend measuring equipment. The world famous CMM Romer arm and tube inspect software allows us to validate our work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Our investment in both world class brands of machinery allows for an unrivalled world class tube bending facility. Taking tube forward.

• Tube bending from 10mm–76mm

• Bar bending from 10mm–32mm

• Variable radius bending

• Compound bending bending

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Example of manipulated tube
Bending machine in use.
One of Top Tubes’ BLM E-Turn tube manipulation cells.

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