Benefits of laser tube processing

No one does more with tube, so you’d expect the combination of laser tube technology with Top Tubes’ know-how to yield impressive benefits, and you’d be right.

We can produce finished laser-processed components in a fraction of the time taken by conventional fabrication methods. What previously took several operations using conventional techniques, we can now accomplish with laser tube processing in one operation.

We can even process components straight from a customer’s CADCAM files, making prototypes quick and simple to produce, and because there is no tooling involved changes can be made virtually instantaneously.


With Top Tubes’ laser technology, complete accuracy and repeatability are achieved. Not only is every piece consistently to specification and defect free, the standard of finish is unmatched, with clean, perfectly profiled edges free of the need for deburring.

An Adige machine at Top Tubes
One of the BLM Adige Lmachines in the laser department at Top Tubes.

When processing thicker material the 3D cutting head in our BLM Adige LT8 machine even adjusts the slope of the cut to match the profile angle. And because there is no physical contact between the cutting head and the part itself there is no mechanical part deformation.

Cost saving

By now, the production economies will be obvious to you. No multiple operations. No tooling costs. No mistakes and no wastage. And by making best use of our range of equipment, at Top Tubes we can maximise the economies.

Size range

With Top Tubes’ laser processing the only limit is your imagination. We can process round tube up to 220mm diameter and square and rectangular tube, plus angles, flats and channels, up to 200 x 200mm, and to a maximum length of 8.5m – so large-sized assemblies, such as those for the construction industry, can benefit too.

Added value

We take tube further at Top Tubes, so when additional operations are necessary, such as slotting, manipulating or fabricating, we’re in the perfect position to carry them out. You’ll be surprised how much extra you can save.

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Some of the key benefits of laser tube processing

  • Eliminates separate sawing, scribing, drilling, milling and punching
  • Eliminates tooling
  • Eliminates cutting to length, deburring and manipulation
  • Unlimited design options
  • Consistent, accurate, quality results
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Shorter implementation and production cycle
  • Prototypes and redesigns in minutes
  • Lower development costs
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Makes adventurous new designs possible