Laser tube processing

Top Tubes is at the forefront of laser tube processing and laser tube cutting. Thanks to state of the art computer aided design and CNC laser technology we’ve pioneered the use of steel tube in place of sheet metal in component manufacture. We can even manufacture components straight from a customer’s cadcam files, in Solidworks or other packages, often turning a process which might before have taken a customer weeks to complete into one that can take just hours.

Our BLM Adige LT8 is the most revolutionary laser tube machine available. Renowned for its flexibility it has a tube diameter range from 12 to 220mm x 200mm. It can process square tubes up to 200mm x 200mm, rectangular tubes 200 x 180mm, and a maximum thickness of 10mm. In addition, we have four LT722D machines, one of the fastest laser cutting machines in the world. Our state of the art laser processing equipment means we can deliver tube-based manufacturing solutions that offer superior structural properties, add value, reduce customer costs and provide short lead times. If required, we can follow through with assembly and fabrication, often of highly complex structures.

Top Tubes’ laser component capability opens up new possibilities for fabricators, transforming the economies of component and sub-assembly manufacture. What’s more, Top Tubes is the only UK company that can combine the benefits of laser manufacture with operations such as tube slotting.

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