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  Welcome to this edition of In Touch with Tube, the news bulletin which brings you information about new developments at Top Tubes and in steel tube technology   In this edition:
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  Manufacturing Division goes from strength to strength  
  Steve Pane standing in front of E-BEND 90.  
The new BLM E-BEND 90 during installation, with Quality Engineer Steve Pane.

Tube manipulation and fabrication have always been important elements in Top Tubes ‘Taking Tube Further’ philosophy, but are now taking on ever more prominence within Top Tubes’ Manufacturing Division, calling for increased investment in new equipment.

Take the newly installed BLM E-BEND 90, for instance. Bringing with it a host of benefits such as the capability to bend up to 90mm diameter tube in the most challenging of configurations, the all-electric E-BEND 90 boasts not only better consistency and accuracy but also much improved environmental credentials.

Cut tube off BLM Twincut being bundled.

The new BLM Adige Twincut.

Visual graphics programming means that the complete bending operation is visually simulated, providing instant feedback to customers and enabling easy component testing without recourse to prototypes, as well as fast and accurate pricing.

Files can even be imported directly from the customer, reducing timescales to the minimum.

Sawing operations have also taken a further step forwards with the installation of a new BLM Adige Twincut, promising increased efficiency thanks to its ability to cut up to 75mm square tube, an 8 metre feed capacity and 4 metre cut length capability, and faster and more accurate tube cutting.

As Top Tubes Managing Director Adam Bradley says: “The ever-expanding Manufacturing Division at Top Tubes will, we feel sure, continue to grow in importance”.

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Quality operations diverge

Tony Roberts in front of ERW tube mill.

Quality Engineer Tony Roberts.

Increased activity in all areas of Top Tubes has lead to significant changes in the way the Quality Department works.

Quality Engineer Tony Roberts has worked for the company for three years and brought with him a wealth of experience of the tube industry. With over 30 years in the industry including many years as a Test House Supervisor, his experience has covered most sectors of end use from automotive applications to high end, high tensile manufacturing applications.

A second Quality Engineer was appointed to the department in July this year when it was decided to split the core areas of operation.

Steve Pane (pictured in the story above with the new BLM E-BEND 90) who himself has 36 years experience in engineering and manufacturing has taken on responsibility for laser, Metallex and fabrication, whilst Tony is responsible for all ERW operations. Both men share the duties of maintaining and improving Top Tubes operating system and external registrations. The company currently hold ISO 9001 and 14001. Tony and Steve are working towards the new 2015 versions of these standards, building on the excellent legacy of Steve Powell, for many years Top Tubes Quality Engineer.

Top Tubes heavy investment in new machinery and systems and its deep and on-going Quality ethos make it an exciting company to work for.

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  New addition to ERW sales team
Joanne Caine working on laptop.

The new year will see a new occupation for Joanne Caine, currently fulfilling a credit control role in Top Tubes' accounts department.

Joanne’s knowledge of and experience with existing customers will be put to good use in her new job as ERW Sales Account Manager.

As is the case with existing ERW Sales Account Managers Joe Dukes, Mark Clapham, Lee Richards and Craig Gibbs, Joanne will be concentrating on the day to day running of some of Top Tubes largest end user accounts.

Order entry, planning orders into production, allocating manufactured tube to orders and booking transport for delivery are all tasks Joanne will be responsible for. Top Tubes ‘one-stop-shop’ method of customer handling means that sales account managers liaise with their customers on all aspects of their business.

ERW Sales Manager Craig Gibbs says that Joanne will bring an effervescent presence to the team and has great enthusiasm for her new role.

“I’m really looking forward to going out to meet customers” says Joanne, “and to undertaking some product training. The whole team are being very supportive and their accumulated knowledge of the business will be a great help”.

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New tube slotting machine in operation.

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