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The furniture industry, with its strong emphasis on style and fashion, provides an impressive shop window on our capabilities.

Here, Top Tubes not only supply tube in cut lengths for further operations, but are able to bring capabilities such as laser cutting and tube manipulation to the fore, resulting in increased economies for many customers.

Our expertise in tube manipulation enables us to supply a variety of tubular frames to the commercial and educational furniture sectors as well as to the retail furniture sector. Our manipulated tube goes into towel rails and support rails for home bathrooms and office, factory, hotel and restaurant washroom facilities, as well as roll dispensers.

Our slotted tube is used by manufacturers of warehouse shelving systems and library shelving systems.

Our welded tube supplies a variety of applications through its wide use in presswork; locks, handles and door furniture being just a small sample.

Manipulated tube plays an important role in the manufacture of toys and child care products and play apparatus such as trampolines, swing balls, climbing frames and swings. Our welded tube is used to produce equipment used in a wide variety of sports such as football, rugby, athletics, cricket, tennis, basket ball and netball.

We supply galvanised tube to the equestrian sector where it is used in horse exercisers, stables and stocks and also stable tools such as stable and manure forks and arena and yard rakes.

We now provide parts to major suppliers of boat trailers and camping equipment.

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