Top Tubes combines a greater range of capabilities than any other UK steel tube producer and thus the applications for which our tube is used cover a myriad of uses.

Being a first and second tier supplier in many industries and serving both OEMs and the aftermarket highlights the multiplicity of our output.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of tube and tube components used in the manufacture of trailers, platform trucks and sack trucks and steel supports. Access equipment is another sector we supply and our tube and tube components are used in balustrades and hand rails, access and work towers, working platforms and podiums.

Our welded tube is used in the manufacture of conveyor rollers.

In the transport sector our tube goes into luggage stacks on buses and coaches and on luggage racks on trains.

Top Tubes supply tube used in a range of fencing including temporary fencing, security fencing and palisade fencing and barriers.

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