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Top Tubes Ltd is based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands of England, the traditional heart of British tube manufacturing, where tube making skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Top Tubes is the new face of the tube industry, though, occupying a modern 14,000 square metre factory on our main 1.85 hectare site.

3 Top tubes lorries ready to make delivery

Established in 1994 by our managing director Adam Bradley, we’ve achieved rapid growth – we’ve grown from an annual turnover of approximately one and a half million pounds sterling in 1994 to 40 million pounds sterling.

Top Tubes turnover 1994 to 2017

From the outset we set out to be not just a tube producer but a solutions company. Top Tubes now combines a greater range of capabilities than any other UK steel tube producer. Totally unique in the UK steel tube industry, no other single steel tube producer can do so much with tube. Our range of capabilities includes coil slitting, welded tube manufacture, cutting to length, tube-bending and manipulation, tube slotting, laser cutting and fabrication.

Our activities fall into five areas: The steel slitting division, called Zodiac, the welded tube division, the tube slotting division, called Metallex, the laser tube processing division and the tube bending and manipulation division.

Tonnage produced is over 40,000 tonnes. Industry sectors served in terms of percentage are: automotive (both OEM and aftermarket) 30%, fencing 14%, agriculture 12%, construction 12%, retail 11% , educational furniture 6%, lawnmowers 5%, and miscellaneous 10%.

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